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What is @SaneCC?

@SaneCC is another filtering folder, or “folder you read”. It’s really simple. If you enable it, all emails in which you’re CC’ed will go here.

The logic behind it is simple - if you’re not in the “to” line, then this email is more FYI than actionable. So @SaneCC will help you focus on actionable items and review the “FYI” emails in bulk.

If an email from a particular person is Inbox-worthy even if you’re CC’ed on it (say, from your boss) you can simply move it to Inbox and all future emails from that sender will go into Inbox.

Here are a few guidelines:

  • @SaneCC does not attract BCC’ed emails only CC’ed emails.

  • @SaneCC does not attract emails that you send to yourself by CC-ing yourself.

  • SaneCC overrides every filter with the exception of Subject Filters.

  • Training an email from @SaneCC to a “new” Sane folder not the folder currently associated with the senders importance trains the sender and their CC’s to that folder.

  • Training an email from @SaneCC to the expected destination folder for the sender will cause future CC’s from that sender to avoid @SaneCC.

  • Training a CC’ed email back to @SaneCC will cause new CC’ed emails from that sender to once again go to @SaneCC.

  • If SaneBox suspects one of your aliases in the “TO” field, emails you’re CC’ed on will stay in your Inbox. You may add, remove and train your aliases from the Dashboard

To view our other Sane folders, go here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to!

Block annoying email now!Try SaneBox Today