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@SaneLater: Have Flagged / Starred Emails Go Back To Your Inbox

For your SaneBox processing you have the option to set so that If you flag/star an email in SaneLater or another Sane folder, when our SaneBox systems see that marked message in that unimportant folder we move it temporarily to your Inbox for you at the end of the day. (Note: This optional feature is disabled by default for new SaneBox account signups after Oct. 2015.)

What exactly is happening here?

If we see a flagged message in an unimportant folder (and you have this flagged/starred tracking option enabled), we temporarily move that item to your Inbox at the end of the day. We assume you flagged it because it needed some follow-up processing. And where better to do that processing than your Inbox.

How do I turn it on/off?

You can toggle this feature on/off by visiting the Advanced Settings segment of your Dashboard, available from your site Menu under Settings for Advanced.

Advanced Settings page

Important Notes:

  • Flagged emails are moved to the Inbox regardless of importance.
  • If you signed up for SaneBox before October 9, 2015 , this feature is turned ON by default.
  • Flagged emails will not move back to the original folder once unflagged. The email will remain in your Inbox.