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SaneSubject Filtering: Trainings based on Subject Content

If an email subject line contains (or begins with, or ends with) a specific term you designate, we can filter that email into a select Sane folder destination.

To use SaneBox Subject Line Filtering: visit this page, available from your site Menu under Settings you’ll look under Trainings & Filters for Subject Filters.

Example View

Note: Subject filters can also be created now from in your Digest summary, right from the “Train To/Move To” button for a selection. (See an example on this help page here.)

How to use SaneSubject filters

  1. Choose whether the subject line you’re training for either “Begins With”, “Contains”, or “Ends With” a certain Term or Phrase that you’ll enter.

  2. Type in the exact word or phrase. Be aware that our system is not case-sensitive.

  3. Select the destination Sane folder you’d like to Create the @SaneSubject Training for.

  4. Mark to override, if you want this @SaneSubject training to supersede other existing trainings.

  5. Finish with a mark if you want this subject line training to also cover and include replies and forwards you receive. (Note: this condition is marked as on by default.)

Can I use “regular expression” type entries?

As a precaution we don’t allow regular expression in the subject filter user interface, (extra risk factors covered here:, for fear that people might set up overly ambitious expressions that would redirect all their email to a single folder.

Please contact support if you want a manual regular expression subject filter applied to your account, by one of our engineers.

Can I use Wildcards with Subject filtering?

Yes! Simply add 5 underscores in between the keywords.
For example if you want to train all of your delivery updates from a shipper to SaneLater except you want shipping notifications in your Inbox:

Subject contains: “ ___ shipping”

Helpful Notes

Each of your SaneSubject entries will appear in a listing as a line-item, and can be removed at any time.

Also, your keywords or phrases will not be case sensitive.

Your subject filter will override any domain filters you have set up and will also override SaneCC.

After your SaneSubject filter is created, it may move older emails that match the filter criteria - in addition to future emails.