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Old, unimportant emails are appearing in my Inbox

SaneBox only labels (and keeps track of) your latest 5000 emails. This means that we need to do something with the rest of your emails if you have more than a combined count of 5000 across your Inbox and Sane folders.

Any old unimportant emails from the past that reappear in your Inbox are the 5001st and older emails.  If you see that happening, it normally indicates that you previously had @SaneArchive turned off.

  • @SaneArchive is turned on by default. It is strongly recommended that you keep it active. That way these older and less relevant emails are moved to your @SaneArchive folder.

  • If @SaneArchive is turned off , (via a support request to us), then the 5001st email and all older ones are moved back to your Inbox.

Turning on @SaneArchive will put all but the most recent 5000 emails (from your Inbox and Sane folders) into your @SaneArchive folder.

If your complimentary @SaneArchive feature is not active and you’d like it to be, please send us a support request quoting the email address on your SaneBox account that you’d like it to be reactivated for.