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Yahoo: How to set up automatic forwarding from one account to another account

You can have all of your Yahoo messages automatically sent to another email account that you own.

How do I do that?

1. Log into your Yahoo Mail account.


2. Click the Gear button in the upper-right corner and select “More Settings.”

This “More Settings” link will open a new overlay window.

3. Click into the “Mailboxes” category. Your Yahoo Mail address will be shown for your selection.

4. Click your Yahoo Mail address in the top area of the Mailbox List. This will open up the view of your Yahoo Mail account settings.

5. Scroll down to the section for “Forward” settings. This will allow you to enter a destination address to forward all email messages to.

6. Enter the email address you want to forward messages to, and click “Verify”. Selecting verify will send a verification message to the address you entered for the destination. (You’ll need to login to the other email account to complete verification.)

NOTE: Be sure to watch for and allow any pop-up as part of this process, if your browser tends to be set to block them. Many browsers will block the verification pop-up that appears after clicking the “Verify” button. If the pop-up doesn’t appear, click the pop-up icon on the right end of the browser address bar and allow pop-ups from Yahoo Mail.


7. Open the verification message that is sent to the forward destination you entered. You’ll need to use this message to verify that you own the account you entered.


8. Click the link in the verification email. This will verify that you own the account, and add it to your Yahoo Mail account as your approved forwarding destination.


9. You will receive a Congratulations message if all is successful.


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