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Creating a DIY (Do It Yourself) Folder

You have the ability to create a DIY custom made Sane training folder, with a special name that matches the category of emails you plan to train to this DIY folder.

Make a new DIY training destination folder, by visiting the Folders section of your SaneBox Dashboard.

  1. You’ll see a “Create” button to click, as shown in the screen-shot.

  2. You’ll be asked to name your new folder during the process.

  3. And you’ll finish with a Continue button to complete the process.

Note: Your selection of optional settings for a DIY training folder can be re-adjusted later.

After a couple of minutes your new folder will be auto-generated, appearing as an addition to your list of Sane folders in your email account.

Then: train email messages to go into this DIY folder by moving example items from senders you want to see there. Do so for emails currently in other Sane folders as well as for future emails and we will remember which contacts are to go to that DIY folder.

Key Highlights

  • After the DIY folder is in place, you can always rename the folder as you would any other folder, right from within your email software or app.
  • Please do not use an already existing name for any Sane folder.

Turning your DIY training folder into a forwarding folder

Click on the gear icon.

Toggle On the option to turn your DIY training folder into a forwarding folder (SaneFwd).

If your SMTP settings are all setup, you’ll be asked to input some details on where you’d like us to forward these emails as well as if you want all emails to be forwarded or only new emails.

When finished, select Forward

Need to know more?

Want us to automatically move old emails from this folder?

When you enable your new DIY folder, this setting will be on by default. After 30 days, emails in this folder will now be archived. To configure this feature, visit your features settings page:

To change the archive folder:

To adjust the amount of days before archive:

To turn off auto archive:

If you have any questions - contact support.