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How do I hide my SaneBox usage from friends in Activity Reports?

If you have friends in your social network who also use SaneBox, they may see some general usage statistics about your email in their Activity Report, and you will see some of their information in yours as well. This information is not shared with anyone else, and you can always turn off this information sharing.

SaneBox never emails your contacts without your consent, nor post to your social networks without your explicit permission. While many people like to compare their SaneBox usage and time saved with their friends, we understand that others prefer to keep this information private.

This feature is easy to turn off:

  1. Go to your Dashboard

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Look under Notification Preferences

  4. Uncheck “Participate in SaneBox Leaderboard”

  5. Your generic statistics will then not be shared with your friends in our activity reports.


You can also read about our Privacy Policy for more information about the information we collect, how we use the data, and more.

Any questions, contact us here.

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