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Snooze Folders How To

SaneBox provides folders which you can use to defer mail until a future time. We call them SaneSnooze folders.

Why use our snooze folders

If you have an email in your inbox that is inactionable, as in you need to get back to a client about a decision by 5pm, it’s distracting. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you’ll be thinking about that deadline all day. By snoozing that email, it allows you to focus on tasks that need to be handled right now.

Remember that every time you look at your Inbox, you are going to be distracted by these emails that are by definition, not actionable. So use our snooze options to get them out of your Inbox until it is time to deal with them.

Inbox Zero Snooze Package

@SaneTomorrow defers mail until tomorrow. Move mail to this folder, and we’ll pop it back into your Inbox tomorrow. Between now and then, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

@SaneNextWeek works the same way, but we’ll pop those messages back next Monday.

@SaneNextMonth again works in the same way, but will have emails returned at the start of the following month.

Create Snooze folders: If you would like to defer to a time other than tomorrow or next week, you can specify when the mail is moved back to your Inbox. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Folders section of your SaneBox Dashboard, and scroll down.

  2. Select the Create button over the Snooze Folders.

  1. Enter a name for your new folder, maybe starting with a stand-out character.

  2. Select the time to Hold for, anywhere from 3 hours to 26 weeks. Or: Hold until, with a specific day or week and time. You can hold specified mail items until Saturday at 12pm, for example.

  3. Click Create, and you are done! (The new folder will be auto-generated in your email account on your host’s server).

If you want to remove a snooze folder, simply click the On/Off toggle button adjacent to the folder name on your SaneBox Dashboard.

Please note: factors such as the load on your email provider’s mail server may cause some variation in the exact time that a snoozed item moves back to your Inbox. Our SaneReminders feature can be a great choice when more exact timing is desired for your follow-up on a To-Do item.

Snooze comes with an auto-reply option too

Setting up an Auto Reply This is a fan favorite option! You can make special snooze folders and choose to set up auto-reply. Later the auto-reply goes out when you put select senders in there.

Why do I see my snoozed emails in the Trash?

If you choose “Top of Inbox” for your created snooze folders, this requires us to adjust the date in the email. We ask your email server to move the original to Trash to avoid you having duplicates. If you do not like this behavior, you can adjust your snooze folder settings to just “Inbox”.

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