How does SaneBox work?

SaneBox doesn’t participate in the sending or receiving of your email. Your email server will send and receive email as it always. We simply monitor your Inbox and when we see an email that is not Inbox-worthy, we ask your email server to move it to your @SaneLater folder. At all times, your email resides on your server.

For information on how SaneBox works, check out the video below.

How does it work?

SaneBox does its magic by reading various header information like the sender and subject and then asking your email server to move any emails to the @SaneLater folder that are not important enough for you to read immediately.

What happens if it stops working?

If SaneBox happens to go off-line, all of your emails will still be delivered to you. The only difference is that all your emails will be delivered into your Inbox and not sorted into folders until SaneBox were to come back online.

What is SaneLater?

@SaneLater and your other Sane folders are email server folders like your Inbox, Drafts, or Sent folder. This means they should be available from any client or device or web mail interface at any time.

The Digest

You will receive asummery email digest once a day listing the emails in your other folders. You can also check these folders at any time, although please don’t do that too often as it defeats the purpose of SaneBox!

How do I tell SaneBox where to move my emails?

Training SaneBox is as easy as moving an email to a different folder. If you discover an email in the wrong place, simply move it to where you’d like it to be, and we won’t make that mistake again. You can also update your trainings on our website.

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