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@SaneReminders Problems & Solutions

You will know your SaneReminder didn’t get created if…

1. The email wasn’t copied into your @SaneReminders Folder
2. You go to https://www.sanebox.com/dashboard/reminders and you don’t see it there


3. You got a bounce email.

Here are the reasons this might have happened:

  1. You haven’t properly set up your Sent folder so it contains receipts of all your sent mail.&Click here for directions on how to fix that.
  2. You didn’t use a proscribed SaneReminder address.
  3. All Dates start with a Month word in English like Jan or January.
  4. Day of Weeks are in english like Mon or Monday
  5. All Times end with AM or PM.
  6. We understand delimiters like . or + or - (try to delimit your address)
  7. Don’t use spaces
  8. So Jan.8@sanebox.com or Jan.8.8AM@SaneBox.com is OK
  9. So Monday@sanebox.com or Mon.9PM@sanebox.com is OK
  10. At the moment, servers using Active Sync will not work with SaneReminders.

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