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@SaneLater: what to do with my SaneLater?

What is SaneLater?

Having your unimportant emails automatically moved from your Inbox into another folder is strategic. It helps put a stop on unwanted distractions. Those unwanted interruptions are moved into your @SaneLater folder for you, right inside your own email account.

  • Emails in your SaneLater folder are summarized in your SaneBox Digest.

  • And if an email in your @SaneLater folder is from a sender you’d rather see in your Inbox, you can easily teach SaneBox by using your email app to Move an example item for that sender back to your Inbox.

How do I control what stays in my Inbox?

SaneLater and the Digest

  • By default your SaneBox Digest is sent to you once each afternoon. You can customize your digest schedule from the Account Settings section of your dashboard, to receive this summary digest of new unimportant emails more often.

  • And, the digest web app section of your SaneBox Dashboard (the emailed digest links to it) gives you even more powerful and direct access. It’s a very efficient way to bulk-process your lower-priority mail later.

Auto Archive / Delete

  • If you want SaneBox to automatically archive or trash emails after a certain date, you may do that from your SaneBox Dashboard.

1) On your Features page, click on the gear to access the settings for that folder.
2) Click / Tap Yes.
3) Choose which folder to move the emails to.
4) Choose the amount of days until SaneBox moves the old emails.
5) Click Save.

This option is also available for SaneNews and our DIY training folders.

Extra: For Yahoo users, here’s a help page they provide that includes pointers for using mail folders.