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What is a Feature?

What is a feature?

A feature is anything you enable on the Folders page of your SaneBox account

Click here to view features enabled on your account.

Anything on that page that you toggle on or off or can create is considered a feature when it comes to your subscription’s feature limit.

List of some of the features available

  • @SaneLater
  • @SaneNoReplies
  • @SaneDoNotDisturb
  • @SaneNews
  • @SaneCC
  • @SaneBlackHole
  • Custom (DIY) Training Folders
  • @SaneFwd
  • @SaneNotSpam
  • @SaneTomorrow
  • @SaneNextWeek
  • Custom Snooze Folders
  • @SaneReminders

If SaneLater is enabled

SaneBox reviews your new email as it arrives in your Inbox and asks your own host’s email server to either leave new email in your Inbox or move them to your @SaneLater folder. Your Inbox includes email you should look at soon, and @SaneLater includes email you should look at when you have some spare time later.


SaneNews is a folder that holds newsletters and other mailing lists.


SaneCC is a folder that stores all the emails you have been CC’d on, to help keep your Inbox focused on the actionable emails directed specifically towards you.

And, if desired, you can also make Custom (“DIY”) Training Folder creations, so anything you train to that folder will be sorted and delivered to that folder automatically.


SaneBlackHole: Training an email to SaneBlackHole will train that contact to be filtered into your Trash folder. If the email is new (less than 7 days old), this email will stay in your SaneBlackHole folder for 7 days. Thus allowing you time to review to make sure you have not created an accidental training. Important Note: If that email was received 7 days ago and you move it to SaneBlackHole, it will automatically be filtered to your Trash folder that day.


SaneReminders is a folder used to hold copies of sent items that you add @SaneReminders addresses to. Note: Unlike a training or snooze folder, you do not move items to the @SaneReminders folder. Our @SaneReminders system feature will use copies held in this folder to later send you a reminder, either if you haven’t received a response from a particular sent email yet or if you wrote and sent a @SaneReminders creation to your future self. (Allotment of monthly @SaneReminders depends on subscription level.)

Snooze Folders

Snooze folders, such as @SaneTomorrow and @SaneNextWeek, will relocate emails from your Inbox until a later time, so they don’t clutter or distract. You can also make Custom Snooze (defer) Folder creations, if you’d like to be able to snooze some emails for customized lengths of time.

General Notes

Note that when you enable or disable an optional Sane folder, there will be a small delay of 5-30 minutes before your changes take affect. During this time, your Inbox may become messy while emails are being relabelled. Don’t worry, your trainings will not be forgotten during this time!