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Supported web browsers: accessing your dashboard on sanebox.com

SaneBox works through our systems communicating directly with your email provider (server) and *not* with your own email software or your computer (client). This way there’s nothing new to install.

Since our processing interactions take place directly with your email server, SaneBox doesn’t care what email client or browser you use to view your email. However, once in a while you do need to visit the SaneBox website to adjust your SaneBox settings, update your credit card, etc.

Our engineers have designed and deployed our web site and Dashboard to be optimized for use on most recent versions of all popular web browsers for desktop, laptop, and mobile.

In general, the majority of us should be keeping our browsers like FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and the Android Browser, updated whenever there’s a security related update provided by the makers. Some of us do have special reasons or environments that keep an older browser version in use, despite common best practices.

Browser Version Guidelines

Additional Requirements

  • Javascript enabled in your web browser.
  • Familiarity with update process for any password managers you use.
  • sanebox.com “whitelisting” in add-ons like Ghostery, Disconnect, Adblock.

Note: to locate your browser version, look for “About” on your help menu. Or, look to the main Safari or Chrome or FireFox menu on your menu bar or tool bar.

If needed: do a web search for tips on how to locate your browser version number if you really need to double check. Also try a quick search for help with Javascript or any password managers or browser add-ons you have in use.

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