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How to Auto-Complete SaneReminders addresses

By default, Outlook and some other mail programs don’t auto-complete addresses. That makes typing in a SaneReminder address take longer than it should. We’ve put together the steps outlined below to help out with this quandary.

The address book files linked below can be imported into your email program in order to add common SaneReminders addresses to your contacts. That way when you begin to address an email, auto-complete will finish the job for you.

For Outlook

(Download and save this SaneReminders address list:SaneBox.csv).

  1. From “File” on your Outlook ribbon, select “Open & Import”.

  2. Click on “Import/Export”.

  3. Leave selection on “Import from another program or file”.

  4. Confirm you’ll be choosing the “Comma Seperted Values” .csv file we provided.

  5. Browse and select the .csv file from the folder you saved the download to.

Extra Steps: Initiate auto-complete in Outlook, for freshly added contacts

Outlook won’t offer to auto-complete automatically with your new contact additions until after you introduce specific addresses upon first use. Here are some simple steps that’ll make it easy to get Outlook to auto-fill SaneReminder addresses as you start to type.

  1. Open a new message composition that we can use to show Outlook the new addresses.

  2. Click the “To” button.

  3. Choose all of the SaneReminders addresses from your Contacts and add them to the “to” addressing for this mock message.

  4. Now, close the message draft without sending it out at all.

Note: This strategy should work for any Microsoft Outlook version that’s capable of auto-complete.

For Google Contacts:

(Download and save this SaneReminders address vCard: SaneBox.vcf).

  1. The word Gmail above your ‘Compose’ button at the top left of your webmail view is a clickable link. Click and select “Contacts” from the drop-down. You can also get to them directly from here: https://www. google.com/contacts

2. On the left-side, near the middle of your browser window click “Import Contacts…“

3. Click “Choose File” to browse and select the sanebox.vcf you got from us, usually saved in your ‘downloads’ folder. (a .VCF is a vCard File).

That’s it. You’ll now enjoy auto-fill as you begin to type common SaneReminders addressings.

Note: To have all the SaneReminders addresses added under one single grouping instead of as individuals in Google Contacts, be sure to use the .vcf (vCard) version and not the other .csv choice of our two auto-complete import files.

For Apple Mail:

(Download and save this SaneReminders address vCard: SaneBox.vcf).

  1. After clicking to download the vCard file, you’ll be prompted to verify that you’d like to “add this card” to your OSX Contacts address book.

If you aren’t prompted, simply open your Contacts app from your dock and use the File Menu to choose “Import”. Browse to select the SaneBox.vcf you’ve downloaded.

For Mozilla Thunderbird:

(Download and save this SaneReminders address list: SaneBox.csv).

  1. Look to your “Tools” menu to choose “Import”.
  2. Select Address Book, - Text File (.csv).
  3. In your file selection dialog box, choose .csv as the type of file you’ll browse to select and import.

Note: Office and Mac have several incompatibility issues. Currently, you’re unable to import .csv or vcard files in the Outlook 2016 for Mac client.

Here are some workarounds:


  1. Sign in to owa.
  2. Open the app launcher tool in the top left corner of owa
  3. Click people.
  4. On the toolbar, click the down arrow next to manage and select import contacts.
  5. For ‘csv’ file, select “outlook 2010, 2013, or 2016”.
  6. Click browse to locate and select your file.
  7. Click upload.
  8. Wait while your contacts are imported. a successful message will be displayed.
  9. Click cancel to exit the import process.


  1. Export from Excel to a csv file.
  2. Import the csv file into the System Contact app (it should be fairly straightforward, especially if all fields are properly labeled).
  3. Select all contacts there and drag them to the desktop to create a .vcf
  4. drag the .vcf into the address book where you want them imported in Outlook.

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