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SaneBox’s Top Features for a Happy Inbox

SaneBox has a whole suite of features depending on what you need. Whether you just need to get the noise out of your Inbox, never wanting to hear from someone again, or you just need to be notified if someone doesn’t reply, we’re here for you. Here is our list of features essential to a happy inbox and stress free email life.

SaneLater. Having your unimportant emails automatically moved from your Inbox into another folder is strategic. It helps put a stop on unwanted distractions. Those unwanted interruptions are moved into your @SaneLater folder for you, right inside your own email account. And if an email in your @SaneLater folder is from a sender you’d rather see in your Inbox, you can easily teach SaneBox by using your email app to Move an example item for that sender back to your Inbox.

SaneBlackHole. Training an email to SaneBlackHole will train that contact to be filtered into your Trash folder. If the email is new (less than 7 days old), this email will stay in your SaneBlackHole folder for 7 days. Thus allowing you time to review to make sure you have not created an accidental training.

Important. If that email was received 7 days ago and you move it to SaneBlackHole, it will automatically be filtered to your Trash folder that day.

SaneReminders. SaneReminders notify you when an email you sent wasn’t responded to by a certain time. It’s also an easy way to send a reminder to your future self.

There are 3 different use cases for SaneReminders:

  1. Get notified when people don’t reply to you. Say you want to follow up on a lead in a week, but only if you don’t hear back (this is how most people use it). In this case just send the email as usual and CC or BCC a reminder address.
  2. You want to defer processing an email (i.e. put back into your Inbox by a certain time). In this case forward that email TO a reminder address and it will show up at the top of your Inbox at the time you specify.
  3. Send a reminder to your future self. Just send an email TO a reminder address and it will magically appear at the top of your Inbox at that time.

SaneAttachments. Large attachments can be a pain in your email account. They can fill up your email quota as well as take a while to download and forward. To alleviate this issue, SaneBox has created Sane Attachments. This feature uses your choice of either Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote, or IBM Smart Cloud to help you store and share attachments.

To turn this feature on:

  • You simply need to link SaneBox to either your Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote, or Smart Cloud account. This is done by clicking on either the Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote, or IBM Smart Cloud icon on the Attachments section of your SaneBox Dashboard.
  • You will be directed to login and authorize SaneBox to access the storage account of your choosing. Once authorized, you will be directed back to your Sanebox dashboard.
  • You can activate each email account registered with SaneBox with a separate cloud storage service.

Digest. The SaneBox Digest is a list of unimportant emails in your SaneLater and other Sane folders that have yet to be read. It is an advanced tool to help you process your emails quicker than ever. If you are a long term customer of SaneBox, you’ll notice that some of your favorite features have received an upgrade. To our newest customers, you’ll be able to choose between different options.

If you like the idea of selecting multiple emails / senders at once, you can now enjoy that option. Or if you want to archive, delete, or mark as read all emails in your Sane folders, you can do that in 1 click. We’ve updated the Digest to include way more features than ever before and we are sure that you all will love.

Custom training folders. This is a handy feature that allows you to separate your contacts into groups for easy processing. We would recommend not setting these folders too specific to avoid over dependency. Instead of creating a folder for mom, create a folder called Family.

Curious about our other features? Check out our Beyond SaneLater: More Sane Folder Choices.