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Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for your account dashboard on sanebox.com

At SaneBox, security is always our #1 priority. So we’re very happy to offer 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) as an option for your SaneBox Dashboard access.


Turn it on right now, from the “Security” section of your SaneBox Dashboard.

  • Choosing “Remember Me” on our login page will cause 2FA to be repeated less often when you’re using the same computer or device.
  • Dashboard access from a different browser or computer will trigger 2FA.

And, consider turning on 2FA for your other services that support it. Here’s a nice 3rd party site with a list of commonly used services and any 2FA options they offer:;https://twofactorauth.org/

Please print & store recovery codes in a safe place, for 2FA setups you enable.

Troubleshooting Pointers

If you encounter trouble logging in with 2FA, check the time of day shown on your mobile device to be sure it’s accurate. Here’s a Google help page on that.

And If you lose your 2FA or recovery code, go here.