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Executive Assistant’s Access

How to enable

  • Go here to enable our SaneBox executive assistant feature.

  • Set this option up, to delegate duplicate copies of digests and reports and notifications. That way your non-Inbox email can also be reviewed and processed by your trusted assistant or partner.

What emails will I still receive?

You will continue to get your digest and other SaneBox notification type emails, but they will also be sent to your assistant. Your helper can click on any action link in the digest.

Why isn’t SaneBlackHole listed automatically in my digest?

SaneBlackHole is an optional feature folder, and will need to be turned on separately. Here is some info on how to do that.

My Digest keeps ending up in my Spam folder.

Please add [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] to your server white list and/or email Address Books or Contact Lists.

Other than my digest, what will my assistant receive?

Your assistant will receive all of the system notification emails from us including when your subscription is set to renew, if the payment details are out of date, etc. They will also receive our handy Activity Report, as well as emails related to recent trainings to ensure they are accurate.

Giving your helper access to your SaneBox Digest and notifications, showing them what you want them to do to help, can be a magical upgrade to your email work-flow. If you have any feedback for us on how this option helps you, please write and share your story with us?