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What is Domain Training based filtering and how does it work?

Domain Filtering is one of our most coveted features at SaneBox. It allows you to train all emails arriving from a particular domain [ or just .org or .edu] to your Inbox, or to any other Sane folder. In other words, you can allow or block emails from a certain employer or company or organization’s email address endings.

There are two ways to create Domain Filters

  • You can either use your SaneBox Menu to select “Dashboard” and look under “Trainings & Filters” for Domain Filters,

  • Or you can create domain filters with tools built into your SaneBox Digest.

Option 1: Go directly to your Domain Filters page.

From your SaneBox Menu > Dashboard > Trainings & Filters, and choose Domain Filters.

Domain Filters Page

Add any domains you wish, by typing in your entry in the “Find a domain” box, (see example above.)

Option 2: Make Domain trainings from your Digest

Make domain-based trainings, from the “Train-to” menu in your SaneBox Digest summary.

While making processing selections on your SaneBox Digest, look for the action-menu choice to “Create rule for domain…”

Tip: If you have a domain -and- a subject filter set up, and during processing both a subject filter and a domain filter apply to a particular email - the subject filter will override the domain filter.

Explanation of Controls

  • Domain name: Enter the complete desired domain in this field. ( is not the same as

  • To enter a TLD: (i.e. a top-level domain like org or edu) enter only the TLD itself, not the “.”

  • Choose target folder: We default to Inbox. Once you hit “Add” all emails from the selected domain will go into that folder.

  • Force training: Ticking this box for a domain will leave all senders from that domain in your Inbox or whatever Sane folder is designated for that domain, even if you previously made an individual contact training for an individual at that domain name.

  • Replies: Usually, SaneBox leaves replies to your emails in your Inbox, even if a domain filter matches. Checking this box tells SaneBox to use the domain filter folder instead.

  • Remove: Clicking this will cause SaneBox to treat the domain as we normally would. Our default for unknown domains is to file the emails via the importance of the sender, determined from your email history. (If the domain shows “auto” and was not entered manually, simple toggle to off if you like.)

  • Ignore Do Not Disturb: Only emails SaneBox would have left in your inbox will be temporarily “paused” in SaneDoNotDisturb. All other emails will still be delivered to their appropriate Sane folders, including Custom DIY folders. This means that other features such as SaneAttachments and SaneFWD will continue to work, even while you have Do Not Disturb mode on. Additionally, we’ve added the capability to exempt entire domains (including wildcard domains) from Do Not Disturb. Check off the “Ignore Do Not Disturb” on your Domain Filters dashboard.

  • Subdomains: When this box is checked, a training for will apply to or in addition to

Domains SaneBox thinks are important to you

  • Some listed domains may show as “auto”: These are domains SaneBox considers important for you. There is an option to toggle any of those line-items to off under the Enable column, or you can always set to train any of these domains to a different sane folder.

  • If the Domains section is empty: We’re just waiting for your 1st manual entry. it just means that there wasn’t enough email history for us to calculate important domains automatically. This section will fill up as we learn more about your email likes and dislikes too.

Remember: The settings under domain filtering give you the power to over-ride or not, for individual contact trainings you’ve previously made based on senders from that domain. For each domain entry, you decide if domain-based training will either over-ride contact-based trainings from that domain or not. So you can choose to set, so any email contacts or senders that you’ve trained specifically will continue to go into their trained destination folders.

Note: As usual you can review and/or search your previously created contact-specific trainings any time you like. You may find new ideas for Domain Filter creations, during review of your SaneBox trainings list.

Can I do Top Level Domain trainings?

Yes! SaneBox allows for TLD’s and (with a tick of a box) wildcard sub domain coverage too. For more details about tld’s and examples of some top-level domains to think about, (including examples for use with our domain filters), check out this nice article we’d like to thank David White for compiling. His list of domains provides great examples of candidates for SaneBlackHole treatment.

Some use-case examples customers have suggested:

  • An annoying PR firm keeps sending you updates you don’t want to hear about. They try to be shrewd and keep changing the sender name, but the company address ends the same. With Domain Filtering, you can train all emails from [] to SaneBlackHole.

  • You’re applying for a job at the White House and want to make sure you don’t miss any emails coming from there (since you’re not sure which person the email could come from). Now you can set all emails from [] to stick right in your Inbox and stay there.

  • You have school age children and want to make sure you don’t miss any emails coming from their schools (since you’re not sure which person the email could come from). Now you can set all emails from [] to stick right in your Inbox and stay there.

  • You work at a huge company and get a ton of email from everyone. Only some people are worthy of your Inbox though. Use the drop-down menu to set this Domain to go to @SaneLater, but don’t tick the box to over-ride individual contact trainings that you still might want to have trained for Inbox. This way only those that deserve to be in your Inbox will go there when you have trained them to.

  • You work at a small company and _ all _ company-wide email is important even newsletters. Just tick the “Override Training” box and set the “Trained To” folder to Inbox.

To finish we’d like to shout out a big Thank You to the crew over at for their great efforts on this definition page of their’s on TLD’s and Domains.

If you’d like extra help or suggestions around using SaneBox domain-based trainings with our email AI prioritizing and sorting services, please connect with us by submitting a support request.