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What is Advanced Filtering?

Advanced Filtering gives you more customization and granular control over how emails are organized and processed for you by SaneBox.

To access Advanced Filtering, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your dashboard at
  2. Then select the Trainings & Filters option for the email account you want to access.

Utilize Advanced Filtering for these specialized settings that enhance your SaneBox service to be the best email management tool, specifically for you:

SaneBox Advanced Feature details

  • Auto Replies go to - Escape from pesky emails like: “I am on vacation…”, thanks to the auto-reply handling feature on your SaneBox account. This impacts only auto-reply emails and not the contacts themselves. So if they send you a real email, you will receive it in your usual folder. (The “default folder” destination for auto-reply handling is SaneLater.)

And if you need help with something specific or have general questions, please open a support ticket via