Login to SaneBox using Oauth instead of your Password.

Hosts that allow Oauth

  1. Gmail
  2. Outlook
  3. Yahoo
  4. AOL
  5. Office365

How do I login to my SaneBox Account if my Host uses Oauth?

  • You just need to be logged into your email account in another tab of the same web browser first.
    • If you aren’t, our system will direct you through the OAuth process when you click to log in on our site.

Additional Points

  • Why does it always ask for permission every time I login to my SaneBox Dashboard?
    • During an OAuth handled login, it might seem as if you’re granting new permissions, but this is really just a repeat or encore performance of the same steps you completed during SaneBox signup.
  • Is SaneBox compatible with Office365’s Oauth?
    • Yes! Users of Microsoft Office365 hosted email subscriptions now use OAuth. It will be listed as a button on our login page.
  • Can I use your password reset option?
    • With OAuth based login to sanebox.com, our own password reset process does not apply. This is simply because there’s nothing on our end to reset. Remember, with Oauth, we don’t have your email password.

Note for Office365 OAuth users

  • At the moment you will not be able to “send email” from our service. The OAuth that we are using doesn’t allow SMTP.
    • We are working on fixing that but at the moment features such as: Personalized Invitations, SaneFwd, Out of Office Snooze will not work.

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