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Know when someone hasn't replied to an email (SaneNoReplies)

SaneNoReplies is a folder that keeps track of emails you have sent that have not been replied to yet. It’s a bulletproof follow up process that ensures important threads don’t fall through the cracks.

This folder is available in all subscriptions at no additional cost!

Here’s how it works:

1) Enable SaneNoReplies on your SaneBox Dashboard (under Power Tools) and you’ll see a folder called SaneNoReplies

2) Every email in that folder is an email you sent within the last 4 weeks, which has not been replied to

3) Skim through that folder periodically. If you’re not expecting a response to a particular email, just delete it (or if you are a gmail person simply remove the SaneNoReplies label) and we’ll stop tracking it

4) When you find an email you expected a reply to, just open it and reply back to the recipient. It’s ok to express your disappointment with them for not getting back to you.

5) If you know the deadline for a reply, just CC or BCC a SaneReminder address. This way, SaneBox will send a reminder directly to your Inbox, if you don’t hear back in time. And those emails won’t clog up your SaneNoReplies folder.

6) Every email in this folder is a thread that you started within the last 4 weeks, which has not been replied to by all the recipients on the To: line.

7) It’s that simple!

Why don’t you include every email I compose / reply to in SaneNoReplies?

In order for an email to appear in SaneNoReplies, it must be from a thread that you start. We do this only because if we allowed threads you did not start, it would clutter up that folder.

Think of this way: if somebody asks you a question and you reply via email, why should that end up in SNR? However, if you started the thread, you will still see your replies to your recipient in SaneNoReplies unless they reply back to you. This goes for every reply that you send in the thread.


You could forward these sent emails directly to a SaneReminder address. Although this won’t add them to SaneNoReplies, you will get a reminder in your Inbox at the appointed time if you don’t get a reply.

Other reasons why an email wouldn’t appear in SaneNoReplies

1) You didn’t start the thread
2) You included a SaneReminder address in the To, CC or BCC field.
3) You included NRN, FYI, NNTR somewhere in the subject
4) It was replied to already.
5) It was sent more than a month ago.
6) It was sent today and your older \ than setting is set to wait a day.
7) It was older than your 1,000th most recent sent email.

Why is an email that I received a reply on still in this folder?

1) The reply was just received. It may take up to 1 hour for an email to be removed after we notice the reply.
2) You had multiple emails on the To: line and didn’t get a reply from all of them
3) The reply header did not match the sent email in some crucial way


Due to the way most email clients work, the name you’ll see next to the subject is the name of the sender (which is you), so you may need to click into some of these emails to find who it was sent to.

There are no emails in my SNR folder:

The first time you enable SaneNoReplies it will be empty. We can’t populate that folder with information we do not have. It only works going forward into the future.

Reasons a Sent email still appears in SaneNoReplies even after you received a reply:

1) Your correspondent was using a broken mailer like “Infraware POLARIS Mobile Mailer v2.5”
2) The email will only be removed from the @SaneNoReplies folder when all TO addresees reply back.
3) The only replies that count to remove from SaneNoReplies are the one that comes from the TO address. Emails in your CC field do not count.

Why are these emails set to Unread?

The emails in your Sent folder are normally displayed as “read”. When copying the email to your SaneNoReplies folder, we set them to “unread” so you know which you have reviewed.

For Gmail folks
Because there is really only one email, that means that the “copy” in your Sent folder will also be displayed as”unread”. When we see a reply to that sent email, we automatically remove the SaneNoReplies label from it and set the Sent email state back to “read”.

Manually moving an email to SaneNoReplies

If you manually move an email into SaneNoReplies, it will be moved to your Trash folder automatically for non-Gmail people and the label will be removed for Gmail folks. So please don’t do that.

Want to do more with SaneNoReplies?

Want us to go the extra mile and remind your recipient to reply to you? Include .resend in a SaneReminder address and we’ll not only remind you that they didn’t reply but we’ll nudge your recipient that you are expecting a reply from them. Example: Type in the BCC section of your email. Learn More.

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