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Why am I receiving "Maximum number of connections from user+IP exceeded" error?

Error: Maximum number of connections from user+IP exceeded.

Why am I receiving this?
You’ll receive this message if there are too many connections coming into your email server. This is caused by having too many email clients open at one time.

Is SaneBox causing me to have this error?
No. SaneBox only establishes 1 connection to your email server. Some email clients will open 10 connections at a time.

How do I fix it?
Quit one of the email clients you are using (Desktop Software, Mobile Email App, etc) and the error will go away.

G Suite/Gmail Users
There is a limit of 15 simultaneous connections to any one Gmail account. SaneBox uses a single connection for its operation.

How do I see who has access to my Gmail account?
We have an article that can show you who is connected to your Gmail account and how you can remove their access. It will also show you what devices are currently connected to your email account.

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