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Anytime I write a message to someone and they reply, I want the message in the inbox.

Does SaneBox Do This?

SaneBox by default does assume a reply to any email you send is Inbox worthy.

Why are my replies going into another sane folder?

  1. We don’t recognize that it is a reply because we didn’t see the Sent email receipt
  2. You have some other filter that is overriding our normal algorithms - say a subject and/or domain filter or training.

Other Solutions.

  • If you send these emails from a 3rd party source so the sent receipts aren’t saved in your Sent folder, just make the subject have strings that are distinctive and make a subject filter for that distinctive string. You can do this using our SaneSubject feature.
  • If you are using SalesForce as a CRM to keep track of leads, you can turn that integration on and any leads from SalesForce become Inbox worthy
  • You can make interruptions from Strangers Inbox worthy by changing the mode of your Inbox. If it is currently set to put Strangers in your SaneLater folder, try another mode to allow more strangers into your Inbox.

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