Clean up your Inbox now!

SaneBox learns what email is important to you and filters out what isn't – saving you from endless interruptions

See how SaneBox works

SaneBox's powerful algorithms filter unimportant email out of your inbox, so you can focus on what matters.

See how SaneBox works

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Smart filtering is just the beginning.

We prioritize your Inbox and let you know if an email didn't receive a reply.

We can also sort your Inbox, keep track of reminders and snoozed emails, rescue real email from your spam folder, upload attachments to your cloud, and more...

How do I read my email with SaneBox?

You keep reading your email the same way you always have.

SaneBox added a new folder called SaneLater to your email. In it you will find emails that don't deserve to interrupt your day.

What happens when I get an email?

Your email never leaves your server. If our algorithms determine that the email doesn't deserve to interrupt you, we ask your email server to move it to SaneLater.

Otherwise, it stays in your Inbox.

Not another app

SaneBox works for you behind the scenes

There’s nothing to download or install. No need to change your workflow or learn a new interface

Works where you work

Works where you work

Enjoy a distraction-free inbox wherever you check your email—on your phone, tablet and computer.

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