Your emails never leave your server

SaneBox never takes possession of them, and only analyzes headers to determine what's important.

Your password is safe

SaneBox needs access to your Inbox, which means we need your password. However, your credentials are encrypted with proven public key cryptography, and placed on a server that's unreachable by public internet.

Your data is completely private

SaneBox algorithms analyze the patterns in your email behavior (which emails you open, which emails you respond to, how quickly, etc) to determine what’s important to you. We never look at the content of your emails.

Active Directory integration

IT administrators can authenticate user account without ever exposing credentials via Active Directory on MS Exchange, Google Apps provisioning, or IBM Notes Delegation. In this case not only your email data, but even your login credentials never leave your server.

Email prioritization for any inbox, on any device

SaneBox determines the importance of each email based on your past interaction with your Inbox. It moves unimportant messages out of the Inbox into a new folder called SaneLater, and summarizes them in a digest. Now you can focus on what's important without missing anything!

Works with any email client, service or device

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