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SaneBox prioritizes important emails and summarizes the rest

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SaneBox works anywhere you check your email

We simply add a new folder called SaneLater to your current email setup

Works with any email program or provider

Works with any device and operating system

Make Email Work For You

Breeze through your inbox with a full suite of productivity features

SaneBox will notify you when an email you sent was not replied to by a certain time, so you can follow up on it. This reminder will be activated tomorrow at 9am.

It's also a great way to send an email reminder to your future self.

Set reminder for 9am

Drag an email into the SaneBlackHole folder, and you'll never hear from that sender again (it goes straight to trash). Unsubscribe from mailing lists with 1 click!

Using SaneBlackHole

Attachments are hard to find and take up lots of storage space in your email. Sane Attachments scans emails in your Inbox for attachments, puts them on Dropbox or Box, and replaces them with a link.

Using SaneBox and Cloud Storage

Stop letting emails you can't deal with right now distract you from what's important. SaneBox lets you snooze emails until later and places them back in your inbox when you're ready to look at them.

SaneBox Defer Folders

Once a day (or more often if you want) we'll send you a powerful Summary of your activity. You can view and process your latest unimportant emails, upcoming reminders, and more right from the Summary.

SaneBox Email Digest

Full suite of features to beat your Inbox

SaneBox can do a lot more than simply filter out unimportant emails


Protect your Inbox from unimportant emails

  • SaneLater: a folder for your unimportant emails
  • SaneNews: a folder for newsletters
  • Custom filtering: you make the rules!


Maximize your email productivity

  • SaneSnooze: snooze non-urgent emails until you’re ready
  • SaneReminders: get notified when people ignore your emails
  • Salesforce integration: prioritize your Inbox by revenue potential


Things no Inbox should be without

  • SanBlackHole: unsubscribe with 1 click
  • SaneAttachments: move attachments to cloud storage
  • SaneNotSpam: monitors your spam folder for false positives

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