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Day 10: Bonus Gift

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Email Overload is a Global Epidemic

According to a recent McKinsey study, an average person spends 13 hours/week reading and replying to emails, a completely reactive activity, which is not part of anyone’s job description. What a waste of time!

We’ve spent the last 5 years helping professionals fall in love with their email again. We’ve done a ton of research, talked to thousands of customers and compiled our findings into a series of bite-sized lessons. Most of them are extremely easy, while others will take some discipline.

Inbox Zero Academy is here to help you get to Inbox Zero every day!

"This has so many great tips and ways to make the most efficient use of your time. Very helpful for anyone deluged with email!"

3 Email Commandments

17 Email Tricks

5 Inbox Zero Rules

You will be an Inbox Zero Hero. You will love your email again.

Get 1 bite-sized lesson in your Inbox every day, for 10 days. No more, no less.
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"If you’re like me, both my work and personal email Inbox are overflowing. I’ve already started to apply some of the tips in this guide and, in the span of about fifteen minutes, I’ve decreased the number of messages in my Inbox by 20%."

Your Curriculum

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In the first lesson, we start strong by driving home an incredibly efficient process for managing your Inbox.

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Triage your Inbox

We continue the conversation from lesson one and show you how to quickly decide what to do with each email you receive.

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Email notifications

In this lesson we show you how to overcome the #1 productivity killer, email notifications.

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Treat your Inbox right

Lesson four is a three-part series that covers how to treat your Inbox right.

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Use the subject line wisely

This lesson includes a handful of helpful subject line tips.

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Proper email etiquette

This lesson covers basic email etiquette and saves time for you and the recipient!

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The unhackable password

Today's lesson will teach you the proper steps to padlock your Inbox security, something that is crucial in today's age of cyber attacks.

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Unsubscribing from suspicious emails

Unsubscribing from suspicious emails can result in more junk mail; this lesson will teach you how to avoid this.

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Never forget another email

If you ever forget to follow up when someone doesn't respond to your email, then this is a lesson for you.

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The incredible benefit of snoozing emails

In the final day of the course, we explain how to create a process for effectively deferring messages for later.

"Inbox Zero is a way of life—one that will ultimately improve the quality of your own in every respect once you break your email chains."

About SaneBox

SaneBox is a simple service that analyzes your past behavior (which emails you open, which you respond to, how quickly, how often, etc) and determines the importance of incoming emails without ever looking at the content (only the headers). It moves unimportant emails out of the Inbox into a separate folder called SaneLater and summarizes them in a digest. It works anywhere you check your email (since it's just an email folder).

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