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How Do I Get SaneBox For Free?

Everyone who signs up for a SaneBox account, gets a free 14 day trial to try out everything that SaneBox has to offer. If you are looking to get SaneBox for free or to get a discount, we have a couple options for you.

1. You can have your employer pay for your subscription.

  • We are finding that SaneBox can become an essential employee benefit. Some companies are pitching it to employees as a “mental health benefit”.

2. Invite your friends to try SaneBox.

  • Every friend that signs up will earn you a free month of SaneBox and them a $5 SaneBox store credit. You can start sending out invitations here: https://www.sanebox.com/invitations

  • There are many options for inviting friends to SaneBox. The first and most popular is by email. If you would prefer to share SaneBox on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin, those options are also available to you. The newest way to share SaneBox is with a personalize email signature.
    • Click here to start inviting friends today.
  • If your friend doesn’t respond to your email invitation, SaneBox will email 2 more gentle reminders. If you’d rather send the invitations yourself, just use the invitation URL from that page.

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