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The Same People I Blackhole keep showing up in my Inbox

I moved those emails to SaneBlackHole and they still show up in my Inbox, why?


Same Name, Different Email Address

Even though you see the same name, if you take a look at the email address, you will notice that the email address is different than the one you put in SaneBlackHole. When you train an email to SaneBlackHole, SaneBox creates a training only for that email address only,  not for the name of the person or service.

If you are have trained an email to SaneBlackHole and are noticing future emails from what appears to be the same person or service staying in your Inbox, train them to SaneLater instead or SaneBlackHole. 

But why can’t I just train them to SaneBlackHole and be done with it?

The problem you need to solve is that SaneBox thinks that the person or service behind the name is Inbox worthy even though it isn’t. When you train it to SaneBlackHole, you send us the signal that the email address is Trash-worthy.  When you train it to SaneLater, you send us the signal that the person or service belongs in SaneLater and is not Inbox worthy.   When in doubt train from your Inbox to SaneLater.



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