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How to "Find In Page" search with SaneBox Email Cleanup on mobile and desktop

Using “Find in Page”

Productivity is all about making extra time for more valuable moments like time with family. So using the Ctrl+F (Win) or Command+F (macOS) “Find In Page” browser search feature is one more great time and energy saver habit worth using. If you haven’t used it yet - you should! It’s a great technique when using your SaneBox Email Cleanup tool and/or for jumping to a word or name or address within any content you’re looking through in a web browser.

Can I use it on mobile?

  • Chrome Quick Steps:   Overflow Menu for “Find In Page”, a best friend for quick SaneBox Email Cleanup scans.
  • Safari Quick Steps:   Key search term into the browser address bar up top, looking down suggested results for “On This Page.” (inconspicuously, it has been hiding there for years.)

Why should I use it?

Using your web browser’s Find In Page tool can be a speedy supercharger when you’re scanning through your SaneBox Email Cleanup listing and you’re on the hunt for a certain email sender name or address or subject word. Tip: try Find In Page search for the whole name or email address and also try partial entries like just what’s after the @.

Safari mobile browser for iPad / iPhone iOS

  1. Load up your favorite webpage. (Or your SaneBox Dashboard for your SaneBox Email Cleanup view.)
  2. Tap on your browser’s address bar (it’s at the top) 
  3. Type part of an email address or a particular word that you are looking for. 
  4. Looking at the bottom, you’ll notice “On this page”. Check out the example below.  


Chrome mobile browser for iOS / Android

  1. Load up your favorite webpage. (Or SaneBox Dashboard for your Email Cleanup view.)

  2. Tap into your Overflow Menu for the choice to “Find In Page”.


  1. Type part of or all of an email address or a specific search word from an email subject line topic you’re looking for. (Use up/down arrows to move to each search result on the page.)

Can I do this on my Desktop / Laptop?

  • Use the Ctrl+F  /  Command+F keyboard shortcut to bring up your “Find In Page” tool.
  • Capitalize on the joy of getting something done super fast in Windows or macOS, using your “Find In Page” feature in web browser and word processors alike.


Final Thoughts.

  • The SaneBox Email Cleanup tool gives you another vantage point for a quick comparison when you’re feeling like your email app might not be staying fully in sync with your email hosting server and you need to see where that certain email really is right now.
  • At SaneBox we’re sort of like your Switzerland of Email. Since we’re not your email host and we don’t make your email app, SaneBox is neutral. Plus, our support team has years of experience in being focused on everything email related. So we’re familiar with most hosts and client apps. We always like to help too, even if you are not currently a SaneBox customer.

More questions?

Send us an email with any extra questions about your email issues (with details of your email software apps and hosting setups) and we’ll see what we can do to help out.


Help center free trial days

Send emails to your future self

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