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SaneBox / Airmail - How Do I Block Unimportant Emails?

If you use Airmail, you can use their Block feature alongside your sane folders to prevent unimportant emails from interfering with your productivity. With Airmail, emails from that contact will be archived. With SaneBox, emails from that contact will be sent to your Trash folder.

Using SaneBlackHole

You can use SaneBlackHole to train contacts to be delivered into your server’s Trash folder. Training an email to SaneBlackHole will train that contact to be filtered into your Trash folder. If the email is new (less than 7 days old), this email will stay in your SaneBlackHole folder for 7 days. Thus allowing you time to review to make sure you have not created an accidental training.

  • Important. If that email was received 7 days ago and you move it to SaneBlackHole, it will automatically be filtered to your Trash folder that day.


Using Airmail

Airmail now allows you to block a particular address which will result in ceased notifications and all the messages from blocked address will skip the inbox and move directly to the Archive folder. (Gmail accounts have ‘All Mail’ folders for the archive purpose.)

1. Select one of your Sane folders and pick an email.


2. Right Click on an email > Select More > Add to Blocked > Select Email Address.


3. You can view your list of Blocked Addresses on your side bar.


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