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Gmail Specific: Why do I see the same email in @SaneTop and Inbox?

Notice: @SaneTop has been deprecated.  It can no longer be turned on. 

For grandfathered users of this feature who are seeking assistance, please open a ticket with support. Only Gmail users who activated @SaneTop prior to elimination will see this feature. In its former life it was a complex and advanced feature for power users… 

@SaneTop and your Inbox are actually two different Inboxes. At any given time, you should only be checking one of them.

If you have five minutes before a meeting, check @SaneTop.  Only Check your Inbox as often as you used to check your non-Sane Inbox.

  • Any email important enough for you to read if you only have five minutes to spare is also important enough for you to read whenever you are in an Inbox mood.
  • After you read an email (and delete, archive, or file it), SaneBox will take care of removing it from all Sane folders so you don’t end up reading the same email 


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