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I find myself having to check too many folders

Going from using just an Inbox to having several folders where new mail is being sorted to may be a bit overwhelming. But we’ve made it easy for you.

Your choice for the level of SaneBox processing that fits you best really helps. Then, the only folder you need to continue to check regularly is your familiar Inbox.

The folders that your mail is being sorted into @SaneLater @SaneNews, @SaneBulk etc can usually wait for a preferred time each day when you choose to scan through them, right from where you normally view and read your mail. You can also review their contents by using the email summary digest that arrives in your Inbox once a day. You can have the digest come more often, if you wish to check these folders more regularly, by making scheduling changes for your Email Notifications.

Often, most users really only need @SaneLater, so you might consider disabling @SaneNews and @SaneBulk until you are more comfortable with the system. Disabling them will force all unimportant email to @SaneLater.

The folders above are examples of folder locations with content that can be read. The other folders below that SaneBox offers are tools - new mail will not arrive in these!

**@SaneTomorrow ** will defer email for return to your Inbox tomorrow morning.

**@SaneNextWeek **will defer email for return to your Inbox next Monday morning.

**@SaneBlackHole **will train problem emails to go to your trash and leave you alone.

**@SaneNotSpam **will monitor your Spam folder and catch any apparent Inbox-worthy mail. **

If you’d like to simplify your SaneBox experience, optional features can be deactivated from your dashboard on our site. Turning new features on one at a time can be a good way to ease into exploration of new work-flow possibilities.

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