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How do I train based on project instead of priority?

We have both the capability to do broad contact/service importance based trainings, such as training a friend or Facebook notifications to @SaneLater, and also the ability to defer a project for a week or two until you have time for it.

SaneBox has folders that you read ,where new emails are filed by us moments after they hit your inbox. So then, broad training is done by moving an email from Inbox to @SaneLater or vice versa.

And if a project uses a mailing list such as a Yahoo or Google group or something like Basecamp, you can train that group to go directly into a custom training folder for that project.

SaneBox also has folders that you use. The custom snooze folders can be used for project scheduling. In this instance, you might like to defer the start of projects to the coming Monday or the 14th of the next month. As emails arrive in your Inbox or Sane folder, you can move them to a SaneBox custom snooze folder that is set up for one of these snooze time-frames. When that time rolls around, we will put all those emails back into your Inbox - ready for processing.

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