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Spark: An iOS Guide to Using Spark With SaneBox

Many of you have asked us to write a guide on how to use Spark Mail app for iOS with SaneBox. Below we will teach you how you can still use your favorite app while still using SaneBox.

Turning Off Smart Inbox

If you like to use Spark as your email client but do not want all of the extra features included within the app, we can show you how to turn it off. The most common request that we receive is to turn off the “Smart Inbox”. In the following tutorial we will show you how to do just that:

Creating Trainings

You can create and manage your SaneBox trainings from within Spark by either swiping or holding down on a message and selecting the options at the bottom of the app. In this video I will show you how to do that:

Personalizing Your App

Spark is really great in regards to customization. You can customize your sidebar, your swipes and even your widgets. In this tutorial, we are going to focus on “swiping”.

Swiping is a fantastic option for& those of us with little to no time to be processing our emails. With just a swipe of your finger, you can bring up the move option, delete, archive, move to spam, pin, and various other options.

The one swiping option that we will be focusing on is the “Move” option. This will bring up a screen that will allow you to quickly and easily move your emails from your Inbox to Sane folders and vice versa.

Note. How you personalize it is up to you and your needs but I am going to show you how I set mine up to work with my style of email processing.

(Gmail Users) Using Swipe Options to to easily manage your emails

  1. Select “ Settings

  2. Select “ Personalization

  3. Select “ Swipes

  4. Choose from “ Left Short” “ Left Long” “ Right Short” or “ Right Long

  5. Select “ Move to

  6. Select the email address registered with SaneBox

  7. Pick one of your Sane folders

Note for Gmail users.

If you already have your Gmail address set up within Spark upon sign up of SaneBox, you may notice that after the initial clean up of your Inbox, your SaneLater folder is empty.

To fix that, please remove your email address from Spark and then re-add it.

We are currently working with Spark to figure out why that is so.

Important Note About Snooze

Spark has their own Snooze option built within the app. This will be different than our default and custom snooze folders. To learn more about our custom snooze folders, click here.

If you feel we have missed anything or need further help, you can reach out to our support team at any time at support@sanebox.com.

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