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@SaneTop: What do I do with my SaneTop folder?

Notice: @SaneTop has been deprecated and can no longer be turned on.

For grandfathered users of this feature who are seeking assistance, please open a ticket with support. Only Gmail users who activated @SaneTop prior to elimination will see this feature. In its former life it was a complex feature for power users.

We recommend that all users disable this unsupported feature. If you choose to keep it on, please be aware that SaneAttachments will not work properly.

SaneTop emails are from the people you are closest to. You should read these ASAP. This is a great feature if you often find yourself with only a couple of minutes to spare here and there.

You will notice that the SaneTop label will always be accompanied by an Inbox label. This is because your SaneTop is a subset of your Inbox. You can process these emails either in your Inbox folder or in your SaneTop folder.

  • When you remove the SaneTop label from an email, SaneBox will take notice and remove the “Inbox” label as well. That email would then only be found in your “All Mail” folder.
  • When you “archive” a SaneTop email (which means to remove the Inbox label), SaneBox will notice that and automatically remove the SaneTop label as well. We want you to process your email and get to Inbox zero. Really.

Note: if you turn off @SaneTop it will not be possible to re-activate it in the future.

When you enable or disable a Sane folder, there will be a small delay of 5-30 minutes before your changes take affect. During this time, your Inbox may become messy while emails are being relabeled. Don’t worry, your trainings will not be forgotten during this time! After waiting a few minutes, you may also need to restart or resync your email application in order to see the changes. Some email clients may require you to resubscribe to your selected IMAP folders. Please open a Support request if you have any questions.

Note that you will also get a SaneTop2Box folder, which you can learn about here.

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