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What do I get with the Lunch subscription?

Here is what’s included in the Lunch Plan:

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I’m confused. What is an extra sane feature?

All plans include SaneLater, SaneNoReplies, and SaneDoNotDisturb.

With the Lunch plan: you are allowed your choice of 5 extras, such as those listed below.

  • SaneNews
  • SaneCC
  • SaneNotSpam
  • DIY Training Folders
  • SaneBlackHole
  • SaneTomorrow
  • Sane Attachments
  • SaneNextWeek
  • DIY Snooze Folders

Am I stuck with just 5 extras?

You can swap this out at any time. Simply login to your SaneBox account, toggle your current feature off, and toggle another one on.

What if I want an extra feature but don’t want to upgrade to Dinner?

Please contact our support team and come up with a plan that better fits your email needs.

Block annoying email now!Try SaneBox Today