@SaneBulk (Deprecated): What do I do with my SaneBulk folder?

@SaneBulk is an advanced feature folder that most users won’t need. If your @SaneLater folder gets a lot of traffic, turning on @SaneBulk will give you some relief, allowing you to concentrate on the @SaneLater emails that might need processing.

@SaneBulk is filled with mail that you shouldn’t need to take action upon, so we think it is the least important.

  • These emails are for reference. It includes email about when something shipped or Twitter follow notices from strangers. SaneBox’s algorithm is somewhat nuanced though. For instance, a Twitter follow notice from someone important to you will be put in your Inbox.
  • Because email is really a forest of edge cases, we won’t get this right every time. So, we send you a summary Message Digest of all these non-Inbox folders so you can teach us about things you’d rather see in your @SaneLater or Inbox folder. And you can always simply move an email into the correct Sane folder to teach us. The digest is also a great way to see what is in your Sane folders without needing to waste time looking in them.
  • We don’t have an example list for exactly what goes into each folder because it is often situational and can change as your relationships change. And, the list would change as the SaneBox network learns better what the user base needs.

How do I turn it off?

To turn your @SaneBulk folder off, go to your Sane Folders section of your SaneBox Dashboard.

  • When you disable a Sane folder, there will be a small delay of 5-30 minutes before your changes take affect. During this time, your Inbox may become messy while emails are being relabeled. Don’t worry, your trainings will not be forgotten during this time! After waiting a few minutes, you may also need to restart or re-sync your email application in order to see the changes. Some email clients may require you to resubscribe to your selected IMAP folders.

SaneBulk is no longer available for new customers.

SaneBulk will no longer be available to new customers. Existing customers who have this feature turned on can continue to use this feature. However, if you decide that you no longer want to use it and turn it off, that feature will no longer be available to you. Instead, try using our custom training folder option. By using this option along with our Advanced Filtering (Subject and Domain), you can quickly turn your DIY custom folders into a SaneBulk alternative.

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