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Why did we simplify the digest notification email?

Yes, we know you hate change.

But, we also know that you hate:

  • Getting the old digest email and having to click to “see the rest” because it is too large.
  • Clicking on the old digest and getting a tab when all you wanted was to execute an action.
  • Having to navigate back to the old digest to click again after being sent to your browser.
  • Being unable to check off the few emails you want to take an action on, take the action and delete or archive the rest.
  • Having this complicated email break because… well… it was super complicated.

So, we have solved all these problems with our new summary digest reminder and our better, more powerful digest web page.

  • This new email is short, pithy and to the point so you will never have that annoying 2nd “see the rest” click.
  • The new email gives you a single button to click to view our new web based, far more powerful digest interface. You click once and you get the one tab to rule them all.
  • Clicking in that tab doesn’t open any other tabs.
  • The new interface combines the entire folder action buttons and check boxes with action menus so you can sweep through quickly and process all your non-Inbox emails.

The digest emails were always a notification that your digest was ready for viewing. Now that notification is effective and pretty and efficient just like you want!

The biggest problem with the old format, that is solved with the new format , was that email interfaces can not execute an action, only browsers can do that, so any button you click in an email unavoidably sends you to a new tab in your browser.

Remember that you can always visit the SaneLater or any other folder at any time, but please fight the urge. The digest tool is a far more effective way to process that stuff. If you need to process more often, just visit your settings page and ask to have your digest created more often.

Remember, you can always view and quickly process all the read and unread emails in your Inbox and Sane folders from our bulk processing digest interface at any time you need.

You spoke. We listened.

Love for our original, clunky, huge digest email was so overwhelming that we decided to continue to support it beyond January 1, 2018. This means that if you currently receive the large digest message, you will continue to receive it.

Stop being bothered by annoying email.

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