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What happens when I connect Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn to SaneBox?

SaneBox will become more accurate by importing your Facebook friends, Twitter friends, and LinkedIn colleagues. By knowing who you are connected to, we can do a better job of determining the importance of emails from them.

We assume that the people you are following are important to you. Assuming that you are friends with a reasonable number of people, SaneBox may adjust the importance of emails they send you.

If you follow a very large number (i.e., 22,000 people on Twitter), we no longer make that assumption. The other great thing about connecting to your social networks is that your Facebook and Linkedin friends who are using SaneBox will show up on your leader board in your weekly activity report.

Special Note About Facebook:

  • Facebook changed the way they allow us to see your list of friends.

  • We no longer get all the friends, just the friends who have also authorized SaneBox on Facebook. This means that after you connect to Facebook, we are not making all your friends important. Just the ones who also use Sanebox and have connected Facebook.

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