Clean up your Inbox now!

SaneBox is your email assistant — saving you from endless interruptions.

SaneBox automates email chores

We prioritize your Inbox and let you know if an email didn't receive a reply.

We can also sort your Inbox, keep track of reminders and snoozed emails, rescue real email from your spam folder, upload attachments to your cloud, and more...

Trusted by professionals 
at top companies

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How do I read my email with SaneBox?

SaneBox folders are no different than your existing email folders. You view them using your current webmail or email client.

When a new email arrives in your Inbox, if necessary, we ask your email service to move it to the appropriate SaneBox folder on your server.

Not another app

Nothing to install

No need to change your workflow or learn a new interface.

How does SaneBox learn what's important?

The first thing we do is analyze the headers of your historic email to figure out who is important and what can wait.

And, just like a search engine, our customers are constantly teaching SaneBox what is Inbox worthy and what is not.

Works everywhere

Works everywhere

Enjoy a distraction-free inbox wherever you check your email—on your desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, watch...

Trusted by the world’s best

Our customers love us and you will too!