You've Got Mail
(too much of it, actually)

It’s hard to believe that when the movie “You’ve Got Mail” came out, people looked forward to opening their inbox. Email overload snuck up on us and has become a global epidemic.

The Average Person Spends

Stress test A team of researchers at UC Irvine studied effect of email on participant’s heart rate and ability to focus. It found that limiting email access dramatically reduces stress - participants without email access had a much healthier heart rate than the rest of us.

Email interruptions are a drain on productivity. A study by Danwood Group found that it takes an average of 64 second to recover from an email interruption (regardless of the email’s importance) and return to work at the same work rate at which it was left.

You need email but hate the overload

A study by the Grossman Group suggests that limiting or eliminating internal email to employees isn’t an effective solution to email overload.It also found that middle managers that were spending around 100 hours per year on unimportant emails did not want their email access limited or taken away. They did however want policies put in place that would reduce the volume of emailssent to their inbox.